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Pro Tips and Tricks for the best looking lips

Everyone's lips are different, but we all want them to look the same, gorgeous!  Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your lips look like they belong on the runway!

Step 1: Conceal your lips

Cover your lips with either foundation or concealer to brighten and highlight the lip line. Adding layers of light around the lips will make lips appear fuller. This also doubles as a good primer for lipstick. 

Step 2: 'Underline’ 

Firstly make sure your lip liner is sharpened before you use it, this will help with creating more precise lines. Line the lip from the underneath to create a shadow. 

Step 3: 'Overline' 

Using the same liner, overline the natural line of the bow. Use a colour that best matches your natural lip tone. Next, use a cotton bud or your finger to blend out the lines, softening the lip line for a natural effect.

Step 4: Choose your nude

Fill in your lips with a nude lipstick. A nude colour slightly lighter than your natural lip tone will create the illusion of your lips being bigger. 

Step 5: Highlight the center

Apply a gloss to the centre of the lips to add light. The iridescent sheen from a glossy high shine product will help lips look instantly fuller. This is a great tip for enhancing what you already have. 

How to find your perfect nude

Finding the perfect nude lip colour that works for both your skin tone and your natural lip colour can be challenging. "I tend to look for a lip colour similar to the natural tone of your lips with a slightly more intense colour but not far from your natural tone" Sarah-Jane explains, with these rules.

If your lips are pale:

"If your lips are pale you should go for cream, sandy or even a pale pink nude. Paler skins tend to look better wearing nude colours with more of a pinky undertone as brown nudes can wash you out."

If your lips are pinky/rosy:

"If you have a medium lip tone which is pinky, then I recommend you go for a brown nude or even a slightly darker rosy nude. Medium skin tones can opt for a pinky nude, slightly more neutral but with a hint of pink."

If your lips are darker:

"If you are slightly darker skinned and your lips are naturally quite dark I would go for a darker, more beige nude. A nude with a red/orange undertone can look beautiful. Olive skins can go for a real beige nude –perfect on tan skins."

Article by: Bridget March, Mar 10, 2015