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Giving back and empowering other women!

We understand that life gets hard sometimes and bad things happen to good people. We want to help uplift any chance we get.  That is why we are proud to be able to donate $1 of every sale to the Dress for Success foundation.

The Dress for Success foundation is a non profit organization that empowers over 1.2 million women globally and helps them lift themselves up to become strong and independent.  They provide professional attire for low income women for job search and work.  They also help women in the job search process and interview process.

When women stick together and help each other there is nothing that they can't do!

** Note**

* $1.00 will be collected from every sale.

* Payment will be made to the Dress for Success Foundation in New York, NY.

* Payments will be made once every six months starting on or about June 1, 2022. 

* Information used to describe the Dress for Success Foundation was taken from their website.